My name is Thomas Schreiber and I am running for Branch 343 V/P Financial Secretary and would like your support and vote in November’s election. Since becoming a steward, I have been involved with over 900 grievances; over 400 have been at the Step A level. Management has been held accountable with those grievance settlements. Many of those settlements have focused on escalated awards for those harmed, including awards to Branch 343. The large focus has been placed on repeated, contractual violations. We will progress further in the next 3 years. When elected, we will continue to hold Management accountable and we will defend our members’ rights and pass that experience onto other stewards. I know that my 18 year experience as a steward can prove to be a valuable asset to our members.

In my 18 years as a Union rep, I was recognized as “Steward of Year” in 2010 and “Step A Steward of the Year” the past 2 years. I have been co-coordinator for MDA poker for years and would mentor others to raise money for those less fortunate.

Another important issue to me will be our new updated database. It will be able to allow stewards to access the database remotely which will make all of us work more effectively. This will be critical to ensure the continued progress we have made in the grievance process.

It would be my honor to have your vote and support in this election.